Yarns DIY synth panel

Yarns panel
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Price: £14.99

Clean, sturdy 2mm thick aluminium panel for your DIY Yarns module.

Not one or two or even three channels of midi to cv conversion, but four! and a digital oscillator, can be entirely controlled by midi cc messages, it's crying out to be algorithmically mangled by pure data or max/msp (or even Max for Live, or chuck perhaps).

Click for more info on the Quad midi to cv converter and digital oscillator.

Express your creativity

This faceplate is blank for you to decorate however you like, paint, stamp, use a laser print decal or dynamo tape, there are many ways to apply your graphics. Many eurorack panels are 1.6mm thick, they can be a little flexible, we chose 2mm thick aluminium to protect your project from wear.

We recommend spraying with clearcoat before applying a transfer and again after to protect your graphics and prevent scratching.

Our panels are made in England.

Returns policy

If you're not completely satisfied, You can return these panels for any reason within 14 days of purchase for a full refund!

Mutable Instruments do not support DIY builds, please contact me with support queries.