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Blades DIY synth PCB

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Super versatile dual filter and wavefolder module!

Blades is an incredible Dual Voltage Controlled Analogue Filter and Wavefolder module. It comes with a bit of distortion on each channel as well, you can use it to make complex oscillator sounds, and it is especially good for West Coast style FM percussion synthesis, when each filter is "pinged" by a trigger you can make incredible drum sounds.

The hard to find IC set available above includes 7x opa1679, 6xV2164, 3xTL074 and 3x OPA1678.

Building Blades

People who are inexperienced at SMD soldering might like to try building a first.

Blades is an advanced level build. It uses a lot of 0402 passives, using a stencil and solder paste will be much easier than hand solder, several newer builders have successfully built 0402 modules this way

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Blades BOM

This Module pairs well with:

Stages, Peaks, and Plaits.

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