Clouds DIY synth PCB

" provided incredibly helpful technical assistance with the last couple of steps of a Clouds module, which is now fully functioning and emitting incredible sounds! Thank you very much indeed - can't wait to start the next PCB!"

Dave Cranmer

Clouds DIY synth pcb

Price: £14.99

Granular synthesis in a handy module, in stock now.

Clouds is a texture sythesizer, sample sounds and manipulate tiny grains of them, it's like timestretching but much more flexible, also includes a reverb program, an amazing 3rd party firmware is also available.

This PCB is a super high end board madein the USA, testing is used at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure it is true to the original files.

Building Clouds

Clouds has most parts arranged in an accessible way, it does use a 64 pin TQFP chip which you'll either need to drag solder or reflow using paste and a stencil. I'd recommend doing a board like Tides, Peaks or Yarns first which all have a slightly smaller 48 pin MCU on them.

Here's a Mouser Cart BOM for easy ordering of most parts and for costing your builds. Try ordering several projects at once for lowest prices.

Clouds BOM

This Module pairs well with:

Elements, Grids, and Tides.

Returns policy

If you're not completely satisfied, You can return these PCB's for any reason within 14 days of purchase for a full refund!

Mutable Instruments do not have time to support DIY builds, please contact me with support queries related to these PCB's.