Ears PCB

Ears pcb

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That all important human touch, Ears PCB's in stock now.

Based on Tom Whitwells Mikrophonie module, the circuitry for Ears was competely redesigned for automated production by Mutable Instruments and improved with some exciting new features like an envelope follower and much reduced distortion and noise. Ears has a built in contact mic, you can also plug in your own contact mic's, guitars, mic's, pickups etc and amplify them to modular levels.

Building Ears

In line with all Mutables newer boards (and the bulk of mass produced electronics nowadays), Ears uses 0402 parts, these are not ideal for hand soldering, though this can be done under a microscope. Sensible choices are to reflow with a hotplate, oven or hot air gun, and possibly try using 0603 instead of 0402 (generally better not to hand solder 0603 onto 0402 pads, but if using a stencil, this should be ok, the stencil ensures a small enough amount of paste goes onto the pad, which helps prevent solder bridges). please contact me if you have questions about this.

Here's a Mouser Cart BOM for easy ordering of most parts and for costing your builds. Try ordering several projects at once for lowest prices.

Ears BOM

This Module pairs well with:

Elements, Rings, and Shelves.

Mutable Instruments do not have time to support DIY builds, please contact me with support queries related to these PCB's.

Returns policy

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