Kinks PCB

Kinks pcb

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Bend your CV's every which way, in stock now.

Pack more fun into 4hp than you ever dreamed possible!
Create different but related variations on a CV signal
Feel the amazing rush that analogue noise and bleepy sample and hold can bring!

Kinks is an all action analogue noise and random voltage generator, sample and hold, half and full wave rectifier and analogue logic device.

Building Kinks

What can I say? this module is aptly named, 0402 parts on a 4HP layout mean this is an advanced build if the original BOM is used. Professional Engineers will construct this with no problem, plenty of non-engineers have built this too.

It's quite possible to use 0603 components instead of 0402 if you use solder paste, there isn't room to solder 0603's with an iron, the parts are too close together.

With the aid of a stencil or solder paste applicator, you can mount 0603 parts then solder with hot air (and caution), or by using a hotplate or toaster oven with DIY reflow controller (and some more caution).

This Module pairs well with:

Shelves, Tides, and Peaks.

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