Marbles DIY synth PCB

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Totally (and also selectively) Random!

Marbles is an amazing new digital random sampler module.

Building Marbles

People who are inexperienced at SMD soldering might like to try building a first.

Marbles is an advanced level build. It uses a lot of 0402 passives, 0603 will fit on some pads, but you'll need to test the fit before you start placing or soldering them. some of the 0402 passives are very tightly spaced, I'd say someone who's managed a Warps and Veils could do this with no problems.

My suspicion is that Marbles is best tackled by using a stencil and solder paste,

This is a semi fiendishly challenging DIY synth project, I don't think this'll be too bad as it's a big pcb which probably means the parts are generously spaced, many here are much easier, we have a guide to the difficulty level of each build on it's page.

If you've tackled Warps and Veils already I think you'll be ready for this, you'll definitely be ready if you've built a Kinks successfully.

The easiest way to flash Marbles is to use a discovery board, Mutable Instruments use ST part Number: STM32F0DISCOVERY in the flashing and testing jigs they supply to their manufacturer, some people have had problems using a genuine STLINKV2 for this, but the disco boards work fine and are very inexpensive.

All our boards come with build support.

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Here's a Mouser Cart BOM for easy ordering of most parts and for costing your builds. Try ordering several projects at once for lowest prices.

If Mouser are out of stock of the STM MCU used, these are also available from us, see the dropdown menus at the top of this page.

Marbles BOM

This Module pairs well with:

Stages, Tides, and Plaits.

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