EVB2130 SSI2130 Evaluation Board

Experience the mind blowing capabilities of the most advanced VCO IC ever made.

Compare your own prototypes to this solidly engineered reference design.

Hack and modify to your hearts content and get your experiments off to a flying start.

A professional grade evaluation board at a hobbyist price, the SSI EVB2130 lets you test almost all the features of this revolutionary VCO quickly and easily.

A calm, clear PCB layout with all part values marked on the silkscreen in a non-brain battering way makes for easy project construction.

Ideally sized for conversion into a 20HP eurorack VCO module, the basic circuit is already there, you need to make sure all the inputs are protected and the output levels scaled to fit with the rest of your system, people have already done this.

The EVB2130 has an SSI2130 pre-soldered, the others are all easy to solder through hole parts, all the inputs and outputs are now on SIL header pins so that your own pcbs (or unholy stripboard concoctions) can be connected via ribbon cables, or flying wires if you are a masochist.

Or perhaps your tastes lean more towards low frequency oscillations, in which case you might like to solder an LED socket to the TCAP pads, so you can swap timing caps easily and see how low you (or the SSI2130 more accurately), can go.

Full details here for DIY synth fun in the EVB2130 User Guide.

How about a BOM? you can upload this excel file to digikey to order parts.

We also stock the DAB2130 Rapid prototyping Module for the SSI2130 through zero VCO IC

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