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Plaits DIY synth PCB

Price: £14.99

New, improved, digital DIY synth VCO.

Great news my dude! I got the disco board earlier today and after was able to flash Plaits and it’s working great. I’m all pumped up bro and this module is brilliant.Thanks again man and hit me up when those Marbles pcbs come in. These challenges can be frustrating but the feeling you get when successful is incredible.

Gregor, USA

Plaits is the replacement for Braids, it is more challenging to build, but improved in every way.

People who are inexperienced at SMD soldering might like to try building a first.

Plaits refines the sound selection interface and offers a more flowing experience.

Building Plaits

Plaits is an advanced level build. It uses 0402 passives, 0603 will fit on the pads, might be time to mod a pizza oven for reflow.

Update: I've seen an assembled plaits now and can tell you that it doesn't look too bad, 0402 passives, but reasonably spaced out, one or two bypass caps are very tightly spaced next to the IC's, I'd say someone who's managed a Warps and Veils could do this with no problems.

The easiest way to flash modules from Plaits onwards is to use a discovery board, Mutable Instruments use ST part Number: STM32F0DISCOVERY in the flashing and testing jigs they supply to their manufacturer, some people have had problems using a genuine STLINKV2 for this, but the disco boards work fine and are very inexpensive.

This is the kind of thing what we specialise in here at, fiendishly challenging DIY synth projects (some of them are pretty easy though, you might have noticed our guide to the difficulty level of each build).

If you've tackled Warps and Veils already I think you'll be ready for this, you'll definitely be ready if you've built a Kinks successfully.

When I started selling these PCB's in 2015, there was outcry, how dare you sell PCB's that use 0603 parts! Nobody will be able to build them! Whilst these can be challenging builds, the armageddon that was predicted hasn't really come to pass, lots of people have built these modules now, are you ready to take your skills to the next level?

Did I mention all our boards come with build support? and that we only use top end PCB factories that thoroughly test the PCBs and are kinder to the environment?

This Module pairs well with:

Warps, Grids, and Ripples.

Returns policy

If you're not completely satisfied, You can return these PCB's for any reason within 14 days of purchase for a full refund!

Mutable Instruments do not support DIY builds, please contact me with support queries.