Ripples 2020 PCB

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Classic, liquid filter sounds in a compact 8HP, latest version 90 now in stock.

Channel your inner acid twiddler!

Build a complete synth voice in a tiny space!

Get your analogue modular synth off to a cracking start, or add some stunning new capabilities to your rig!

Ripples is an 8HP monster which really earns it's keep. Make all manner of noises with ease, Kick drums, screechy synth leads, powerful bass. The modern-classic superclean 2164-based twist on a Roland style VCF is joined by an equally classic LM13700 VCA (the other half of the chip takes care of equally vintage voltage controlled resonance duties).

With just an extra modulation source, Tides or Tides 2 perhaps, Ripples turns into a complete Sine VCO voice. Two Ripples can make clangerous FM tones all by themselves, feed the output back to an FM input to reach new heights of wigged-out ecstasy!

These super high quality PCB's are the Latest version 9 and made at a high end European factory! This version uses a high tech 4 layer pcb for improved grounding, cleaner power distribution and lower noise. Along with a full electrical test, our manufacturing partner uses an automatic optical inspection system to ensure all layers are completely true to the design files and beautifully aligned for trouble free operation, all in all, quite a substantial upgrade!

Enhance your creative flow when patching, less cable swapping, more synthesiser fun!

The original low pass and band pass outputs can now both be switched between two pole and four pole instead of being three separate outputs, the new 4 four pole band pass has been joined by a new high pass output, less patching, more strange sounds!

A built in output level Q compensation circuit means that your VCF stays at the same volume no matter how much you make it squeal!

Clean or dirty, the choice is yours.

New in this version, a second input gives you a choice between Ripples clean original sound and a gnarlier overdriven sound (with a pot for adjusting the level). This input also allows line level gear like drum machines to be used as part of your modular system!

Building Ripples

This version of Ripples uses 0402 passives, so is not beginner friendly, more experienced builders will have an easy time if they've built any of the 0402 based modules already. People new to SMD soldering can enjoy much plainer sailing with the original Ripples.

The original 0603 version is ideal for people new to surface mount soldering to develop their skills, we think this new version is ideal for making the jump from soldering 0603 to 0402 parts, once you've done that, the skies your oyster!, as long as that means you want to build Marbles, Stages or Blades!

Here's a Mouser Cart BOM for easy ordering of most parts and for costing your builds. Try ordering several projects at once for lowest prices. Due to shortages we have replaced the 35v 22uf electrolytic cap specified originally for a 25v (Mutable have used 25v on previous modules), where it's cheaper to buy 10 resistors than 1 or 2, we have increased the quantity to 10. Texas Instruments parts are showing a long lead time at the moment but are coming back into stock quickly (briefly, before selling out again), if you order as normal they will be sent separately when they arrive. We have some stock of the TSSOP TL074 needed which we can sell.

Ripples 2020 BOM

Ripples 2020 needs 1 SSI2164 Quad VCA IC

This Module pairs well with:

Braids, Kinks, and Clouds.

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