"I just finished building Shelves and it works perfectly."

Ben, Japan

Shelves PCB

Shelves pcb

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Multiband EQ and filterbank madness in stock now!

Shelves is a collection of filters united in one cause, um, equalisation. Use this as a voltage controlled analogue EQ or wire up the filter outs too for a filterbank extravaganza, just imagine feeding some noise from kinks through this then plugging the filter outs into separate VCA's and modulating them, a lot.

Building Shelves

You could call this Ripples++. More of the same SOIC IC's and 0603 resistors, a lot more. One person made this as his first SMD build, it's one of the easier boards due to the wide spacing of the leads on the 2164, you can solder each leg individually if you like, no need to drag solder.

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Shelves BOM

Shelves needs 3 SSI2164 Quad VCA IC's

This Module pairs well with:

Peaks, Blinds , and Clouds.

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