Streams PCB

streams pcb

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Now in stock, super clean west coast bongo's

Streams is a digitally controlled low pass gate and compressor/limiter.

Building Streams

The two PCB construction can make this one harder than most of the mid level projects. The bottom entry smd connector which joins the boards is available from Allelectronics in the US and is the easiest thing to use. 3M make an easily available longer connector which can be cut down, but must be fitted with care, I also sell the meter PCB separately if you need another one. All that said I've only sold a couple of these to people who've destroyed their boards, most people have built this successfully.

Streams BOM

Streams Bargraph PCB BOM

Streams needs 2 SSI2164 Quad VCA IC's

This Module pairs well with:

Warps, Grids, and Braids.

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