Veils PCB

Veils pcb

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Now in stock, add vibrance and variety to your patches!

Veils is a four channel voltage controlled amplifier with mixer. One of the brilliant things about this is the amount it packs into 12HP - 4 VCA's with a mix out, a volume knob for each channel, and another knob to change each VCA's exponential/linear response - this allows fine tuning of your modulation shapes and can change the degree of overdrive in the sound.

Building Veils

The original BOM specifies fairly small 0402 parts, but you can use the larger 0603 parts to the pads instead, if you do this we reccomend using a stencil and solder paste instead of hand soldering. This is a very spaced out layout which should be easy for someone with experience to build.

Here's a Mouser Cart BOM for easy ordering of most parts and for costing your builds. Try ordering several projects at once for lowest prices.

Veils BOM

Veils needs 2 SSI2164 Quad VCA IC's

This Module pairs well with:

Tides, Shelves, and Edges.

Mutable Instruments do not have time to support DIY builds, please contact me with support queries related to these PCB's.

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