SSI2140 Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter IC

Enjoy huge, classic analogue sounds with beautiful sounding overdrive.

Design Super Stable Filters with built in temperature compensation.

Save space on your layout and money on your designs with this highly integrated synth circuit!

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New improved version of the SSM2040

It's here! Dave Rossums redesign of the SSM2040 is gracing our shelves, as featured in Dave Smith's new Prophet-5 polysynth, this super fat sounding, legendary filter design can be configured into all manner of filters, a cut above your average fixed path filter IC!

Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, All Pass, Notch! one pole, two pole, four pole, you get the idea, this design is super flexible, all the cells share a control element, the inputs and outputs can be used separately, or chain them for multipole filters if you like, a built in linear VCA can be used for voltage control of resonance, or for anything else you can use a VCA for. Add additional opamps for more complex filter designs, there are some here:

Click here for the SSI2140 datasheet and here for the EVB2140 datasheet

This IC is in a 20 pin SSOP package with near enough the same lead spacing as the stm32 IC pads found on many of the PCB's we sell, 0.63mm, so you might want to drag solder if soldering by hand, and check your work with a 10x loupe

We also stock the DAB2140, this has a pre-soldered SSI2140 and some decoupling caps, nice and close to the IC, and the new EVB2140 evaluation board, this also has a presoldered 2140 and can be converted into a 20HP euro module fairly easily, this is configured as a 4 pole low pass voltage controlled filter.

There's more! We also stock the amazing SSI2164 Quad exponential VCA IC!

We are authorised resellers for SSI, we ship the day we receive your order (most of the time), all IC's are packed in antistatic bags, and sealed with antistatic tape, antistatic everything, woohoo!

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