SSI2164 Quad VCA IC

ssi2164 Quad VCA IC

New improved version of the SSM2164, in stock now.

Price: £4.99

By the original designer of the SSM2164, this brand new, SOIC-16 IC is manufactured using a modern process and features much improved performance over the original.

Drop in replacement for SSM2164 and V2164M

The SSM2164 and V2164M both have a power problem, which causes IC's to blow if current from the negative rail reaches the IC before the positive, the designers of the SSI2164 have fixed this! no more extra diode needed in your circuits! (yes, I know it's only a diode, one less thing to worry about though )

Works in existing circuits without the need to change any component values.

We are authorised resellers for SSI, we ship the day we receive your order (most of the time), all IC's are packed in antistatic bags, and sealed with antistatic tape, antistatic everything, woohoo!

Click here to check out the substantially revised and expanded SSI2164 datasheet, exciting new circuit applications lurk within! including low pass, high pass and all pass filters (perfect for multistage phasers), linear and exponential VCA designs and a new, super accurate, temperature compensated, exponential voltage to current converter designed by the legendary Dave Rossum! Get your VCO's on!

These IC's are needed for

Ripples, Veils, Blinds, Streams, Frames, and Shelves

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