SSI2164 Quad VCA IC

ssi2164 Quad VCA IC

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Much improved version of the SSM2164, in stock now.

Take your prized DIY synthesiser to bedazzling new levels, beautifully clean, stunningly precise and rather loud, if you want it to be. Whether it's the wub wub wub of a VCF modulated by a nice LFO, the buzzing of a saw wave or the delicate sound of ocean waves lapping on the shore, you can do it all with the SSI2164 (and a noise source for that last one, or perhaps you could make a voltage controlled wavefolder with your SSI2164, and feed it into itself for noise, I don't know).

Design precise, versatile synth circuits with a low part count, that 16 band vocoder jammed into a thimble you've always wanted could become a reality...

Excitement in a tiny package, the SSI2164 is an essential building block for modern analogue synth design, ideal choice for designing high performance VCO's, VCF's and of course VCA's, 4 high precision gain cells in each IC. Also perfect for adding voltage control to many other parts of your circuits in it's dual role as a quad voltage controlled resistor IC (the exponential control inputs can be linearised).

This SOIC-16 IC can be used a drop in replacement for the SSM2164 and V2164M, manufactured using a modern process it features much improved performance over the original, improved current handling, lower noise, and larger geometry transistors for improved exponential tracking, it works in most existing 2164 circuits without the need to change any component values. (the input impedance is different I believe, this is fine in most cases).

The SSM2164 and V2164M both have a power problem, which causes IC's to blow if current from the negative rail reaches the IC before the positive, the designers of the SSI2164 have fixed this! no more extra diode needed in your circuits! (yes, I know it's only a diode, one less thing to worry about and a slightly lower assembly bill if you manufacture).

We are authorised resellers for SSI, we ship the day we receive your order (most of the time), all IC's are packed in antistatic bags, and sealed with antistatic tape, antistatic everything, woohoo!

Click here to check out the substantially revised and expanded SSI2164 datasheet, exciting new circuit applications lurk within! including low pass, high pass and all pass filters (perfect for multistage phasers), linear and exponential VCA designs and a new, super accurate, temperature compensated, exponential voltage to current converter designed by the legendary Dave Rossum! Get your VCO's on!

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