SSI2130 Through Zero Phase modulating VCO IC

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Squeeze an entire monosynth into your medallion!

Take an amazing voyage of sonic discovery!

Explore the uncharted waters of Through Zero Phase modulation!

All mod cons included in this all-singing, all-dancing, brand new VCO design made on a modern process.

A far out world of unusual noises awaits you!

For the first time in a VCO IC, the SSI2130 includes through zero phase and frequency modulation!

The SSI2130 is a triangle core VCO with all the usual waveforms, sawtooth, square, pulse with PWM, and a sine shaper with an external input so you can feed it the traditional triangle or saws, squares, pulses or any other signal for even more waveshapes.

Close attention has been paid to getting the waveshapes as close to perfect as possible.

As well as it's own individual output, each waveshape has it's own linear VCA which controls it's level on the mix output, two of these are Aux channels which can also be used for any other input signal you like.

The SSI2130's built in analogue multiplier provides incredibly stable temperature compensation.

Full details here in the SSI2130 datasheet

This IC is in a 4x4mm 32 pin QFN package, these can be hand soldered if you have plenty of experience and the right tools, magnification, good flux, fine solder, a decent iron etc.

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