SSI2144 Voltage Controlled Folding Transistor Ladder Filter IC

Squelchy Bass and Stunning leads!

All the vintage appeal of the original with none of the downsides of 1970's VCF IC's!

Compact and affordable enough to include a classic VCF in the smallest of synths!

Price: £3.99

Take vintage sounds into the future with this new improved version of the SSM2044!

There's no filter quite like a Transistor Ladder Filter. Dave Rossums redesign of this classic topology whistles like a Tuvan throat singer, but only when you turn the Q up high enough, you'll be relieved to hear.

The SSI2144 keeps most of the vintage SSM2044 design intact, but you can count on lower noise, improved CV feedthrough and more consistency between IC's.

This 4 pole low pass VCF IC is in a super compact 16 pin SSOP package with near enough the same lead spacing as the STM32 IC pads found on many of the PCB's we sell, 0.63mm. You might want to drag solder if soldering by hand, and check your work with a 10x loupe.

Intrigued? Find out more here in the SSI2144 datasheet.

There's more! We also stock the SSI2140 4 Pole Multimode Filter IC, the SSI2130 Through Zero phase and frequency modulating VCO IC with built in 5 channel VCA mixer! and the incredibly versatile SSI2164 Quad exponential VCA IC!

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